VPD Retirement Walkout ceremony honors 2 longstanding officers

Retirement walkout ceremony brings back good memories, and nostalgic tears

VICTORIA, Texas – On Wednesday, Dec. 16, two longtime leaders from the Victoria Police Department retired from the force. After many years serving the community, Lieutenant Mike Tatum and Sergeant Julian Huerta received their lifetime achievement awards. While VPD held a private retirement walkout ceremony, attendees still gathered together to share in this unique moment. Formerly the ceremony happened in front of the police department at 3:30 p.m.

Retirees get lifetime awards

Lt. Mike Tatum served for 44 years and Sgt. Huerta for 32. During the ceremony Tatum and Huerta retirees gave their final remarks at the podium, both got emotional but they made a couple of jokes while giving their speeches that made the audience laugh too.

Police Chief Robert Arredondo said having the ability to walkout is a high honor for officers.

Walking out is a high honor

“A walkout is the highest honor an officer can obtain. Having the opportunity to walk out of the other side alive,” said Arredondo.

Then on, when closing the ceremony Arredondo pointed out what great examples Tatum and Huerta were for the younger ones barely joining VPD.

“I hope that everybody can see the love, pride, and respect that these two men have for this. What we call police service. These men are fine examples of what we should all strive to be,” said Arredondo.

Officers wives receive appreciation token

The ceremony also included a kind gesture for the officers wives, as they placed a token onto them showing appreciation for the hard working long nights they experienced with their husbands as well.