VPD Railroad Operation

Victoria Police Department conducted their Crossing Accident Reduction Operation alongside railroad company Union Pacific. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez rode along and spoke to VPD Officer Brogger about the importance of this operation.

The common sound you hear as you approach any railroad crossing in use is a loud horn, however many people ignore the signal, and make a dangerous decision

“unfortunately it’s a very common occurrence for vehicles to cross illegally and unsafely and again, that’s what we’re trying to do, to educate people on the importance of obeying those laws” says officer Brogger.

From a top of a train, VPD was able to see vehicles maneuver through gates, or pass while warning lights are still on, a mistake that can cost a driver up to $200.

In Victoria, this year alone, two vehicle-train accidents have occurred. Officials urge the public to be aware of the danger.

‘The train cannot stop, they have the right of way, so it’s important for these people to know how hard it is for the train to stop” adds Brogger.

With the help of officials on the road, citations were given to drivers who passed through intersections, many while warning lights were still visible.

“There are multiple train tracks, you can’t see a train coming from another side- so there could be another train coming, so it’s very important to wait until the lights are completely off to go through the intersection” says Brogger

In the short time we rode on the train with VPD, we witnessed about 20 citations that occurred and officer Brogger adds that their goal isn’t to give citations, but to bring awareness of unsafe crossing dangers.