VPD Offering Two Paid Civilian Positions for Police Academy

Victoria Police Department is looking for civilians to sponsor for their next police academy.

The department has opened a new “Police Cadet Trainee” position, and the City will pay for two civilians to go through the academy.

Not only will the the civilians get paid to go to school, they will also receive benefits from the City.

“Someone who may not be able to afford to not go to work for the 16-week academy, this allows them to get paid while they are in the academy, and probably the best part is you have your job here at the department as soon as you get out waiting for you,” said Officer Recruitment Coordinator David Brogger.

After the 16-week-long academy, the police cadets will start the field training program, where the cadets hit the streets with other police officers.

“We’ve done this before and we got some really good officers that have come out of the academy from doing this program. It’s typically people that are in Victoria, and the surrounding area, and they’re ready to come and work for us and serve our department well,” said Brogger.

Police Cadet Halie Watkins started out her career as a civilian with the department, and applied for the position.

“I got to experience a lot working as a civilian and getting to go on ride-alongs really opened my eyes to what’s going on, and getting to know the department, and the officers, and Victoria, and I just fell in love with it,” said Watkins.

Watkins recently graduated from the academy, and while she says it was a great experience, training was not easy.

“Waking up early Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we went to go work out and we would stay late, and the shooting range was fun, getting tased was fun, getting pepper sprayed was a horrible experience, but you get to go through these things and know what it’s like so when you get out on the street, if it happens and you’re in that situation you know what to expect,” said Watkins.

For fellow civilian turned police cadet Chris Kalina, the journey to becoming a police officer has been a long-time coming.

“I had tried to go to the academy for about a year before getting accepted. So when i got accepted i was excited that i was finally going to be able to follow my dream,” said Kalina.

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