VPD investigating break-ins in Shenandoah Neighborhood

Two individuals were caught on camera opening car doors in the residential neighborhood of Shanendoah.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning in a home at the intersection of Shiloh and Antietam Street.

It is not the first break-in reported in the area, and VPD has now opened an investigation.

“It’s not something we see trypically in the Shenandoah Neighborhood, ever now and then there one or two throughout the city,” VPD Spokesperson Lt. Eline Moya says. “But we want to push out to the public that we are seeing it. One is too much, two is also showing that there may be more or there may be suspects that return.”

The homeowner says there wasn’t much taken, only about $15 in loose coins.

The car doors were unlocked, something VPD urges residents to double check each time they park.

Officials are asking if any other people living in this area have surveilance cameras and to contact police.

Any tips can help assist as no suspects are in custody.