VPD Investigates Jeep in Connection to a Death Involving Foul Play

Victoria Police Department is investigating a Jeep found in connection to a death involving foul play.

A viewer called Newscenter 25 early Monday afternoon saying there was a car in a ditch on U.S Highway 87 and Key Road

Victoria County Sheriffs deputies and a VPD Detective were at the scene where a Jeep was being towed away.

A resident at the Senior Village Apartments are telling us a Jeep was the last car the deceased woman was seen driving.

Witnesses also tell us the woman’s car was stolen just a couple of weeks ago, and she got a replacement vehicle – a Jeep.

After she received the Jeep, the vehicle was stolen again.

VPD has confirmed the vehicle found in the ditch is connected to the death investigation.

This is an ongoing investigation.