VPD gets creative with recruitment campaign, you have to take a selfie first

The first clue to find 'Officer B' in the Crossroads to win some swag.

VICTORIA COUNTY, Texas – First, you have to take a selfie.

The Victoria Police Department rolled out a new recruitment campaign to welcome potential officers to their family.

It’s a creative way to incorporate community members and have some fun while doing so.

If you snap a selfie with Officer B., you could win some VPD swag, said Victoria Police Officer Brogger.

Officer B. is a cut out board version of Officer Brogger himself.

Now, here comes the fun part.

Officer B. [the cut out board ] will visit different spots in the Crossroads to promote the recruitment campaign.

All you have to do is find him, take a selfie, drop the picture as a comment on their Facebook page for a chance to win some swag.

“The main thing of it … it’s a recruitment effort … it’s got a QR code and sheets with a lot of important information on how to become a member of the Victoria Police Department,” said Officer Brogger. “Whether, it be licensed or unlicensed, we’ve got lots and lots of different positions open, so that tells you how to become part of the family.”

Officer Brogger shared that the department is currently hiring people that aren’t yet licensed.  These individuals will be sponsored through the Victoria College Police Academy.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for people … we pay for the academy, which is approximately $3,200,” said Officer Brogger. “Your job as a police officer is waiting for you once you graduate.”

Applications for the student sponsorship program at VC will be open until April 8, mentioned the officer.

The new recruitment campaign has nothing to do with the police department not having enough officers, confirmed Officer Brogger.

The department just wants to have good, qualified people be part of the VPD family.

Officer Brogger hinted at a clue as to where the first cut out board of Officer B. will be.

Here’s the hint: Somewhere in Victoria where you can get gas, BBQ, burgers and has clean restrooms.

If you figure out where Officer B. is — let us know!

Fore more details about the recruitment campaign and how to apply to be part of VPD, click here.