VPD Civilian Police Academy practices firearm exercises

Guns fired off Saturday morning for the Victoria Civilian Police Academy as students of the program practiced firearm exercises.

The program gives the public a hands-on approach to what it takes to put on the badge. On Saturday, about 20 citizens geared up to learn practical firearms exercises. Civilian students learn the fundamentals of firearm safety, such as weapons handling and accuracy. Students then participate in a contest at the end of the class where their new skills are put to the test.

“The student’s go through a 12-week program to see what police officers do, how they train and why they do what they do,” said John Turner, VPD Crime Prevention Officer. “One of the classes is firearms. We teach them firearm safety and then today, we are having our practical firearm exercises.”

The Civilian Police Academy Alumni Association was also in attendance to help out with the event. The current students will graduate from the Civilian Police Academy on Tuesday.