VPD releases their annual racial profiling report for 2019

VICTORIA, Texas- On Tuesday, the Victoria Police Department delivered their annual racial profiling report to the city council. Chief  Jeff Craig discussed all the statistics that were taken in 2019. Which includes race, gender, reasons for the stops and whether they made an arrest, gave a warning, or a citation.  

Individuals may file a complaint if one feels an officer was racial profiling them. If that complaint is made, the Victoria Police Department, after investigation, will take appropriate corrective action. 

“Was race or ethnicity known prior the the stop and you would wanna see the vast majority of the responses here to be no and in our case it is. Ninety-five percent of the time it is not known,” said Craig.

The Victoria Police Department claims to have not engaged in racial profiling in all of 2019. 

Although the report was just released earlier Tuesday, there were no official complaints filed by the public on the grounds of racial profiling.  

“We have a process in play where if an officer had an allegation for racial profiling and you have a process to investigate that and we do and for the year 2019 we had zero complaints,” continued Craig. 

By the numbers, out of the 15,000 stops made about 7,000 of those stops were Caucasian, just under 7,000 were Hispanics, and about 1,500 were Black.