VPD Annual Racial Profiling Report Released

VICTORIA -The Victoria Police Department have released their annual 2015 Racial Profiling Report. The report list the number of motor vehicle stops that resulted in a citation or arrest, and breaks down the stops by ethnicity. It also shows how many of those stops resulted in a search and if the ethnicity of a person was known prior to a stop. Last year there were a total of 6,734 motor vehicle stops which resulted in a citation or arrest. Of those motor vehicle stops 3,655 were Hispanic, 2,365 were Caucasian, 642 were African American, 55 were Asian, 16 were middle eastern, and 1 was a Native American. The report also showed 319 searches were conducted in those motor vehicle stops, in which 181 people consented to a search, while 138 did not. Out of the 6,734 motor vehicle stops in the report, the report concluded the police officers only knew the ethnicity of the driver 126 times. Police Chief J.J. Craig will address the Victoria City Council at tomorrow nights meeting to discuss crime statistics for 2015.