Voting Results Delayed

VICTORIA,Texas–Bill Pozzi, the Victoria County Republican Party Chair, was one of the many people who were anxious about election results that had still not come in, more than two hours after the polls closed on March 3rd at 7PM. Victoria Democratic Party Chair, Pat Talley, who was focused more on the Democratic Presidential Primary, whereas Pozzi was mainly interested in the multiple local Republican Primaries without Democratic opposition. However, due to delegate counts being influenced by the percentages of voters from both primary ballots, all parties were waiting long after the polls had closed. People began to feel frustrated with the fact that results were not in yet. Most of the unofficial scores though, showed fairly clear leaders in the elections.

“We really like to have number as soon as possible because we put  credence in the ability to vote and the system. And I think the system is really good cause when you work it you say wow that really works but by having quick results that instills confidence in people.

Pozzi says that he understands that delays of the results may happen. However, results are still not in at the time of publication, and may people are starting to wonder what the reason for the delay is.