Volkswagen is world’s best-selling automaker

Despite its emissions scandal, Volkswagen is now the world’s best selling automaker.

Toyota has lost its status as the world’s best-selling automaker to Volkswagen, ending the Japanese automaker’s four years at the top.

Worldwide sales for Toyota rose two-tenths of a percent to 10.175 million vehicles in 2016.

That fell short of Volkswagen’s 10.3 million cars, trucks and buses – a 3.8 percent gain.

Toyota’s sales were hurt by a slowdown in U.S. auto sales while Volkswagen benefited from its growth in China.

And in other Business news, Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years worldwide.

The program would begin in the U.S. where the focus would be on hiring immigrants who worked with U.S. Troops in positions such as interpreters.

The coffee giant also said it would help support coffee growers in Mexico, provide health insurance to eligible workers if the health care law is repealed, and back an Obama-Era immigration program that allows young immigrants who came here as children to apply for a two-year reprieve from deportation.