Voice your concerns at VISD’s Community Conversation Monday

“Bullying has become a very big issue. A lot kids get picked on and their parents aren’t aware of it, Victoria parent, Darian Vasquez said.

Victoria parent Darian Vasquez has seen classmates being bullied first hand and thinks parents should know should communicate with their children.

“Ask them how their day is going how there friends are doing,” Vasquez said.
“Everyone’s on social media nowadays and I know a lot of bullying happens on social media. There’s a lot of posting of pictures and people,” Vasquez said.

How teenagers are using social media are one of the things parents can learn at Victoria ISD’s Community Conversation, an expo and forum for parents to learn how to help their child during crisis situations like depression and bullying.

“Understanding how to understand their child when they’re in crisis, what they can do, how they can talk to their child, how they can support their child and where they can look to for additional support,” VISD Counseling Coordinator, Kim Motley said.