Vitality Court surprises residents with parade of families

VICTORIA, Texas — Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some people living at Vitality Court have been unable to see family members face-to-face for nearly two months. That’s why staff members decided to hold a parade of families to help lift their spirits.

“So we came up with the idea of the parade kind of, as a way to engage our families and our residence,” said Renee Ramirez, Vitality Sales and Marketing Director. “They have not seen each other since the second week of March.”

Vitality Court started implementing restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 before requirements even came down. But this parade allowed residents to see their loved ones while practicing social distancing.

“So, it grew from 20 vehicles to now 120 vehicles that were going to have in the parade,” added Ramirez. “We also have our other agencies that are very familiar with our residence. Our local home health agencies, local churches Faith Family, is going to have a float for us as well and it’s actually a surprise to the residents.”

This is the first time Vitality staff has had a surprise parade for residents, and Ramirez described how much joy this event brought to the office.

“We’re so excited because we know how much they miss their family members and we know how much our family members miss their residence here and when those residents come in, they are not just people who live in apartments here those are our family members,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez says they truly care about how their clients are feeling and they plan to continue doing whatever it takes to make them feel good in this difficult situation.