VISD working to be proactive amid COVID-19 spread

VICTORIA, Texas-  The Victoria ISD is preparing for a district wide disinfecting clean as students go into spring break.

“As a district we’re trying to really be proactive, and not reactive. Measures that we can take to try to limit any sort of illness whether it’s coronavirus, seasonal flu, any sort of other illnesses,” explains VISD Communications Director, Shawna Currie. 

Starting this Thursday, VISD will begin a deep clean of all 24 campuses and all school buses. 

“Our maintenance staff has been using a cleaning system that disinfects the air as well as surfaces within the facility. We’ve also provided disinfecting wipes hand sanitizer to our campuses and our classrooms,” adds Currie.

By Texas law, every school district must have an ’emergency operations plan,’ which includes infections disease outbreaks like the flu or coronavirus.

“Obviously [if] it escalates, if we have a case within our community and then depending on how that case came to be, whether it was by travel or person to person case, there are some different protocols,” concludes Currie.

Similar to the flu, basic hygienic practices are being enforced for students. Currently, testing for COVID-19 is unavailable in Victoria county. Brittany Burgess, an epidemiologist with Victoria County Health Department explains the coronavirus has different types of strains, some that are very common, non-threatening and similar to a seasonal cold. Burgess adds,  “[to] make sure you’re talking to your doctor about this, asking them. This test is not readily available to be tested in Victoria county, talk to your doctor about what strain of the coronavirus that you possibly had.”

Visit Victoria County Public health Department online for all updates on COVID-19.