VISD “Virtual” Graduation Ceremony Planned

VISD administrators teamed up with the Victoria Television Group to honor the class of 20-20.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most school districts are not able to have a traditional graduation ceremony, however virtual ceremonies have helped seniors to still participate in this landmark event.

Thursday morning, the recording of VISD high school graduation ceremonies took place.
the ceremony will feature honor graduates delivering their speeches, and administrators will extend their well wishes.
Victoria West principal Debbie Crick says having a virtual ceremony will help honor this year’s graduates.

“It is so critical that we honor these graduates, even if we do it in a different way, We want to make sure that they know that we are proud of all that they have accomplished, and to let them know that we love them, and want to honor them,” said Crick.

Be sure to tune in and see the full VISD high school graduation ceremonies Friday May 29th and Saturday May 30th, from 8 to 10 pm, on KAVU, Newscenter 25. In-person outdoor VISD high school graduation ceremonies at memorial stadium will also take place. West is June first and second, East June third and fourth.