VISD to vote on bond proposal in August

“This bond has 30 projects, 21 of them are directly affecting our schools,” Victoria ISD superintendent, Robert Jacklich said.

Tuesday the Victoria Independent School District Superintendent Robert Jaklich proposed a new bond at the economic development partnership meeting.

The bond will provide funding for major renovations to 17 area schools with new buildings at Stroman Middle, Smith, Mission Valley and Shields elementary schools.

But with a proposed bond in the air, what impact will this have on tax payers?

“To the tax payers the $141.2 million will be a 7.4 cent increase to the tax rate. To put that in dollars and cents for a home that is valued at $100, 000 the monthly cost will be $6 dollars a month,” Jacklich said.

Right now the tax rate is $1.26 and the superintendent says this increase is essential to keep them going.

“As we continue to move forward as you take a look at the age of these buildings. Several of these buildings are 15 years old, our stadium is 15 years Stroman is 15 years old, Mission Valley is 80 years old many of our schools need that influx of life in order to keep them going,” Jacklich said.

Some of the funding will go towards the VISD sports complex and it will be voted on by the board on August 17th and if approved, will be on the November 7th ballot.