VISD task force group suggests merging schools, parents react

As a part of VISD’s path to improve, earlier this month task forces were created to make recommendations to better serve the community. however, some of those ideas are getting backlash from concerned paernts.

F or students in VISD rural schools, boarding a bus may become mandatory- as their home-school could be merged. This comes after the last meeting of a task force committee coming up with potential solutions for solving financial burdens.

“There are three sub task forces one of those is looking at our facilities, and their job is to look to where are our costs are for our facilities.” says Shawna Currie, spokesperson for VISD.

William Wood and Guadalupe Elementary were two of the campuses mentioned, both, according to VISD data, have seen decreasing enrollment numbers. This is partly due to the development increase in northern parts of the district.

“They are looking at a lot of different scenarios, nothing has been decided… If they merge campuses looking at long term repercussions like how that’s going to affect other departments like transportation.” adds Currie.

However, this did not stop parents from voicing their concern. Jennifer Mann, mother of a first grader at William Wood says the small school is so important to the community and her daughter.

“Her immediate reaction was tears and crying and devastation. And that is the main reason I am here, I have to be my child’s voice, I would be heartbroken, I’d have to go back to the drawing board” says Jennifer Mann.

Schools like William Wood and Guadalupe have smaller class sizes, and to parents like Jennifer, that means a better quality of education.

“I just hope that we came across as a united front, and I know the decision is not being made tonight, but when it is, we’re going to be here again to support our school.” adds Mann.

Any decisions to merge or close campuses will be further discussed throughout the year. VISD urges parents to stay involved.