VISD suspends face-to-face classes

VICTORIA, Texas- Starting March 23rd, face to face classes will be suspended for an undetermined amount of time. To prepare for the shift, March 23 through the 27th will be a planning period for educators.

As of Monday, March 30th, all learning materials will be offered to students via packets and online instruction.

VISD will be providing “grab and go” lunches” for all students starting next Monday at designated campuses as well as breakfast.

“Any student under the age of 18 down to one, VISD will provide free breakfast and lunch to every student,” explained Dr. Quintin Sherpherd, VISD Superintendent. “Whether they’re homeschooled or in surrounding districts. Both meals will be offered curbside in front of the doors of their student’s campus.”

Parents accompanied by their child can drive to any of the following six campuses and pick up a free meal to go:

Aloe Elementary

Crain Elementary

Hopkins Elementary

Rowland Elementary

Shields Elementary

Stroman Middle School

BREAKFAST 7:30 AM- 9:30 AM

LUNCH 10:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Dr. Shepherd also encouraged students to “not think of it so much as social distancing, but physical distancing.” The VISD Superintendent urged students to expand their social media reach. Reach out to their network of friends and make sure students are staying in touch with their peers.

The district will be following Governor Abbott,’s order to waive STARR and EOC testing for students.