VISD super district 7 candidates

In January, VISD board member Michael Disanto announced he would not run for re-election, leaving an empty seat for VISD’s super district 7 election.

The election will take place on May 4th alongside the City of Victoria’s general election. The candidates are Mike Mercer, Henry Wood and David Steves.

Mike Mercer, manager of Mercer Construction says that he and his wife have volunteered for VISD for more than 20 years. “We have a strong appreciation for the people working in our school district, there’s no doubt that the ones that we do have, are dedicated,” Mercer says.

One of his biggest inspirations, his grandfather. “I can hear him say on an almost daily basis, never stop learning, and that was one of those things that stuck with me, ” Mercer says.

David Steves says his inspiration to make a difference comes from his family history of working in education.

“My dad was a teacher in Yorktown for 30 years, and then after that he served on the school board there for another nine years,” Steves says. While he was never an educator himself, he still believes he can make a difference. “I didn’t have it in me to be a teacher, but I think that serving on the school board I can still benefit the children.”

Henry Wood who owns Wood Fams and works with VISD agricultural projects, says the lessons children can learn from caring for animals are endless. “It wasn’t about the pig, It wasn’t about the cow, it was about the kid,” says Wood. He says it is important to be a good influence on fellow board members, and students. “It’s not necessarily that you get to make a single decisison, you’re one of seven members.”

All three candidates had kids that were actively involved in VISD, which they say helps fuel the passion for their campaigns.