VISD Student Speaks Out After Losing Peers to Suicide

It was just another normal day at school. Students were walking through the hallways, trying to get to class on time.
But while excitement builds in the classroom, 12 year old Jolin Acosta recalls the moment she lost three of her peers to suicide.

“I didn’t know what to do. It was like a punch. You don’t know how to react to it,” she says.

Jolin says opening up to others for help and counseling could have saved her friends life.

“Adults get so busy with bills and work that it’s hard to sit down and talk to children,” she says.

Victoria Independent School District apparently agreeing with that sentiment. The district is now providing parents resources to help them support their children during an emotional crisis.

“Something that may seem minor to us is astronomical to them, and it’s a major crisis. So you have to be sensitive and empathetic to the students,” says VISD counselor Kim Motley.

Jolin is hoping that these resources will help encourage other students to seek help.

“You can talk to other people. You can open up,” Jolin says.