VISD receives a grant from Rebuild Texas

The Victoria Independent School District received a grant from Rebuild Texas.
Several campuses in the district still need attention due to damage from Hurricane Harvey.

With the $657,000 Rebuild Texas grant, VISD will fix the roofs at two campuses.

“The cost for the replacement project totals a little over a million dollars and this would be money the district would have to pay essential out-of-pocket because insurance and FEMA have not reimbursed us any funds for those projects,” tells Shawna Currie, Director of Communications.

VISD will use the grant money to redo the roof at Crain Elementary’s library and the roof on the Vickers Elementary main building.

“So with the $657,000 that covers more than half of the cost which is a huge advantage to the district,” adds Currie.

Director of communications Shawna Currie says they applied for the grant back in May because the school’s roofs were still leaking following repairs by maintenance staff.

“This will benefit the schools and the students because we won’t have to worry about leaks. Our maintenance department won’t have to come in and remediate that each time it rains or anytime there is an issue, so we will have new roofs on these buildings, and they should be well and secure for many years to come,” explains Currie.

Currie adds they will likely go out for bid in the coming months for these projects.

“So the projects will likely start maybe around September or early fall and then once we get those bids, and we have a contractor hired, we will have a timeline of exactly how long it will take,” says Currie.

VISD is grateful for Rebuild Texas awarding them a grant to fix the schools.

“Helping the community rebuild and become stronger and certainly education is one of those and having safe schools and buildings that are well maintained for our students,” declares Currie.

If money is left over it will go toward fixing the gymnasium roof at Stroman Middle School.