VISD Pre-Registration Opens April 4th

Victoria – The pre-registration process is a key planning tool for the district in preparing for the 2016-2017 school year. The district needs to know how many students to expect on each campus and in each grade level to provide for space and staffing.

“It is important for parents to realize that pre-registration also increases the likelihood that there will be space for their child at the neighborhood school in the coming year,” according to Student Services Director Tammy Nobles. “Enrollment is basically on a first-come, first-serve basis,” she said. “We are under a state law that places restrictions on how many students we can put in an elementary classroom at most grade levels. If we exceed the capacity of the grade level, we may have to transfer or “cap” a child to a nearby relief cluster campus that does have space available. We try to minimize capping by using the pre-registration process to proactively plan at this time of year.”

Parents of students who will be new to the Victoria ISD’s schools next year are strongly encouraged to complete the pre-registration process that begins Monday, April 4 at each campus. This is easily accomplished by going to their assigned school and bringing documentation including the original birth certificate or certified copy, the child’s immunization records, original proof of address (such as a utility bill or rent receipt), a photo identification of the parent enrolling the child, school records from the school most recently attended by the child (if available) and, if the child is enrolling in Pre-K based on income guidelines, proof of income. Parents may also provide a copy of the child’s social security card, but that information is not required for enrollment.

Parents of elementary students who are currently enrolled in the VISD may have already received pre-registration packets that contain the Student Enrollment Form, a critical document the school must receive back to account for your child’s enrollment in 2016-17. This packet of information is sent home with the child and needs to be reviewed thoroughly and returned immediately. Any parent who does not receive a packet should contact the school. Parents of elementary students already attending a VISD campus must also provide a current proof of address to the school at this time.

Parents of secondary students who are currently enrolled in the VISD will receive by mail a Course Request Verification Form in the coming weeks. This form also needs to be reviewed thoroughly, signed and returned to your child’s school immediately so that course scheduling can be completed prior to Fall Registration.

Attendance zone maps that reflect the school attendance zones can be accessed on the VISD website.These maps help to determine which campus your child is expected to attend as determined by your home address.

If a parent is planning to apply for a transfer to another campus, the parent should still pre-register at the home campus prior to applying for a transfer. Transfer applications will be accepted from April 1 through May 16. Information on the types of transfers available is posted at VISD website or feel free to call (361) 788-9250.

Transfer applications will be accepted at the Office of Student Services, 102 Profit Drive. The application for transfers will be posted on the VISD website beginning April 1. This application may also be obtained from the Office of Student Services. The transfer application, including required documentation, should be submitted to the Office of Student Services by fax (361-788-9233), mailed to P.O. Box 1759, Victoria, TX 77902, or hand-delivered to 102 Profit Drive, Rm. #170 by May 16. Transfer applications are reviewed by a committee in compliance with the VISD Board policies and regulations.