VISD passes 5-1 proposed attendance zone changes

VICTORIA, Texas- Five to one was the final vote for attendance zone changes for VISD. The changes will become effective for the 2020-2021 school year where at least 400 elementary and middle school students will change schools..

The recommendation was brought forward by a task force that analyzed over population in certain schools where students of lower socio-economic status attend. The board agreed that this is only a starting place for advancing the district as a whole.


Dr. Quintin Shepherd, superintendent of VISD say, “we looked at the exchange data that was actually something that we focused on. There’s a number of parents and number of comments in there who are also supportive of this change, and they recognize that there is a need for a boundary change. Really, it was a call from the community, and we welcome all comments to the conversation.”

There will be opportunities to grandfather enrollment to students who meet specific criteria. The school board will revisit the proposal to make sure busing and wait times are more effective as the changes occur.

VISD will begin sending students home with notification if this change will affect them as soon as Wednesday. 

For details on those zone changes visit the interactive maps on