VISD Opens Task Force Applications

School is back in session and the Victoria Independent School District is preparing its “Task Force” committees.

“We want the input from our parents from business leaders our community members, we really want that well-rounded voice,” says Shawna Currie, Dierctor of Communications for VISD.

After being introduced last spring, VISD’s task force groups focus on district issues received from community feedback and provide recommendations for the school board for potential solutions or changes.

“[The] ultimate idea for the task forces is to involve a combination of our community, staff members, parents and getting everyone’s input on what our schools need,” explains Currie.

The most recent task force led change was the decision to close and merge 3 campuses in the district, this caused a lot of public noise, as many community members spoke out against it.

VISD hopes the community becomes more involved in proposals like these by applying to one of the 3 task force groups. These have up to 5 sub-committees, and within each sub-committees, other groups will form to divide up work. Currie explained there was an average of about 30 members on each “Task Force”.

“[We] are inviting new members of the task forces to come in and change up the dialogue a little bit, give some new insight, and give some new opinions and ideas, that’s really how it all works and develops.” says Currie.

The application is available online, at, and is a fairly short application only requesting basic contact information.

Applications will be accepted through September 5th. The Fall 2019 Task Force Kick-Off will be from 3:00 – 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 11 at the VISD Conference Center.

Major projects such as industry training for campuses known as PTECH and the development of a new local accountability system are issues task groups will be tackling this school year.

Applications are available on the Designing Our Future page of the VISD website.