VISD launches Let’s Talk on campus websites

Since Aug. 2021, the district has received, responded to over 425 messages

VICTORIA, Texas – In Aug. 2021, Victoria ISD launched a new Let’s Talk chatbox feature on its website. The chatbox allows stakeholders an easy way to submit questions, comments and other feedback to the district. They can also receive a timely response from VISD. Since August, the district has received and responded to over 425 Let’s Talk messages.

Stakeholders can use Let’s Talk to select interest areas and submit their messages. The chatbox will then send messages as an email to the appropriate department. The department then views the message and responds to the stakeholders in a timely fashion. The chatbox is accessible on the district’s homepage and campus websites. It is available 24/7 for stakeholders to use.

Campus websites now also have their own, individualized Let’s Talk Contact Us options. This will include three topic options:

  • Email ‘Campus Name’;
  • Parent & Family Engagement at ‘Campus Name’;
  • and Attendance at ‘Campus Name.’

The chatbox on each campus homepage will host the original topic options featured on Let’s Talk.

Ashly Scott, executive director of communications and public relations, released the following statement:

“Victoria ISD is committed to engaging in two-way communications with parents and stakeholders,” said Ashley Scott, executive director of communications and public relations. “By launching individualized Let’s Talk options for each campus, we are moving forward with providing yet another way for parents and guardians to communicate directly with their student’s campus and receive timely responses.”

Stakeholders must provide their contact information in order to receive a response through the chatbox. If you are uncomfortable providing that information, you can submit your message anonymously. You must provide an email, though, if you wish to receive a response.

If stakeholders shave questions related to specific campuses, they can visit the campus website. They will need to submit their questions in the Let’s Talk Contact Us option on that campus’ site. Stakeholders may submit questions about bus routes, school times, after-school programs and more. They can also submit feedback on how the district or campuses are doing or suggestions on improvements.

If necessary, stakeholders can also report any bullying, harassment or any other safety issues through the chatbox.

You can fine more information about Let’s Talk by visiting