VISD is working to fix low registration rates

Last Tuesday we told you about the teachers and faculty of Torres Elementary went door to door to inform people about the Visd’s online registration for the 2018-2019 school year. While teachers called the event a success we are learning that registration numbers are still well below where they should be. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson met with the Visd spokesperson to ask about these low numbers.. This is Visd’s first year to use the online registration process, which is causing low registration numbers, something Visd is working to fix . “We are sending out notifications to parents just letting them know that students have to be registered before we can put them in a class at the elementary level, or given a schedule at the secondary level,” tells Shawna Currie, Director of Communications. Last week Visd told us more than a thousand students were not registered for school, I asked Director of Communications Shawna Currie what the number was like today.
“We don’t have an exact number, day by day its going down. we know that there will be probably a handful at each campus that come to school tomorrow on Tuesday and they are not registered,” explains Currie. If students who are not registered show up to school tomorrow parents need to allow a little extra time to complete the registration.
“So if parents are coming and dropping off their child, they need to make sure that they allow extra time to complete that registration process when they get to school,” adds Currie Last week Torres Elementary’s Principal expressed concerns about late student registration which would lead to last minute campus changes. If there is no more room at your neighborhood school, according to the state and district mandated rules, your child could potentially be sent to another Visd school. Currie says Visd is excited and ready to welcome back the students and have a great school year.