VISD hosts Profile of a Graduate event

The event is the second part of a multi-part project

VICTORIA, Texas – On Dec. 15, Victoria ISD’s Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability (CIA) department hosted a Student Forum – Profile of a Graduate event. VIST held the event for a group of its fifth and sixth-grade students.

The event, which is the second part of a multi-part project, took place at the Victoria College Emerging Technology Center. The project began last year with the Student Leaders – Portrait of a Graduate event.

Last year, current and former VISD Student Leaders shared the characteristics and skills which helped them achieve the highest levels of success in school. They also shared how it allowed them to find their ‘AND.’ Additionally, VISD asked alumni and students to participate in a Thoughtexchange asking, “What characteristics and skills helped you become the learner and person you are today?” This Thoughtexchange helped create the Profile of a Graduate of Victoria ISD.

During the Dec. 15 event, students were given the opportunity to experience a conference-style student development forum. Students heard and participated in various breakout sessions. The sessions aimed to help students find their ‘AND’.” Students also provided valuable input. VISD will combine their input with the previously collected information. This will help the district clearly define the community’s definition of a successful graduate.

Tammy Sestak, assistant superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability, released the following statement:

“Over the last several years, VISD has continued working to achieve the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan,” said Tammy Sestak, assistant superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability. “Listening to the voices of our students and using their experiences to plan for the future is critical to our work. To ensure all students are successful in achieving their “AND”, we must first create a profile detailing how we, as a school district and community, define success.”

This event is the first of two that will complete the second phase of this multi-part project. The district’s goal is to hear from various groups of students. It specifically wants to hear from groups who are in the process of transitioning from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.

Events similar to this week’s student forum give insight on valuable information to help VISD in defining success, Sestak noted.

“A Victoria ISD graduate would be someone who pays attention,” said Taylor Roundtree, 6thgrader at Howell Middle School, when asked what makes a Victoria ISD graduate. “Someone who’s kind, someone who listens, and someone who’s helpful to others would fit the Profile of a Graduate.”

The following event, which will take place in February, will focus on eighth and ninth-grade students.

After February’s event, Victoria ISD Student Leadership members will reconvene to put together the information. They will then create a draft of the Profile of a VISD Graduate.

These events support the District’s “Designing Out Future” work moving forward as VISD continues to develop their Community-based Accountability Plan.