VISD holds Special Olympics bowling tournament

The Victoria ISD held a Special Olympics bowling tournament Friday afternoon at Century Lanes.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson headed down there to bring us this strike-ing story.

About 57 bowlers came to compete in this Special Olympics bowling tournament and I spoke to a few of them about what this means to them.
“I like bowling because its hard to focus on it,” says Abbi Brzozwske, Bowler “I like to bowl and I like to practice a lot…i was very excited to come,” declares Celeste Briones, Bowler. Coach John Bednarczyk says all of these bowlers compete at a chance to go to the state competition.
“Once a student or athlete competes at local then they go to area and they can earn a spot of at state,” tells John Bednarczyk, Coach.” So of these bowlers, we got several that will be going to state competition in Austin.” Bendnarczyk adds this event is to help the students feel like they are apart of a team.
“So the Special Olympics is just to get everybody all included. We have ages 8 all the way up to 21 here, some are wheel chair bound, so just get everyone involved in the special olympics and let them have a good time competing against one another,” explains Bednarczyk. For Rick Mendoza seeing his son compete and have a good time learning new things means a lot to him.
“Learning to work as a team things of that nature, i believe its awesome for these kids and for my son, the students and for all the faculty involved,” adds Rick Mendoza, Parent. “So it’s a good thing, a really really good thing for vised. We really appreciate it as a parent. Jeanette Briones echoes Mendoza feelings because here daughter Celeste has been involved since middle school and it has really helped her open up.
“It helped open her up, as far as being included because when you are included in things like this it helps out a lot,” tells Jeanette Briones, Parent. “So it makes me happy to see her happy like that. To feel like she is not an outcast.” The students tell me they had fun and the parents are so grateful for this opportunity for their children.