VISD Football And COVID-19 Masks & Cuero Football COVID Update

Gobblers Ending Practices For This Month

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As the demand for face masks here ramps up, there was a place Thursday morning in Victoria where no one was wearing face masks.

That was Memorial Stadium, where East football was having its last pre-season conditioning workout of the week. Titan players did have to go through temperature checks at the stadium before hitting the field. West football players also finished up their workouts for the week, with players only wearing masks while spotting in the weight room. Warrior head coach Courtney Boyce told me their coaches have not asked players to wear masks in outside drills. I also got face mask comments from Titan football head coach Roland Gonzalez and running Alan Jimenez.

Said coach Gonzalez “The UIL has mandated that it would be voluntary, it’s not required to wear masks. We leave it up to the kids. We obviously follow the guidelines set forth by the UIL regarding distancing and our kids are doing a great job of enforcing that.”
Said Jimenez, “We choose to do that. We know we’ll have our distance. We know we won’t be right next to each other. We follow the steps that coach tells us when we get here. ”

Said coach Boyce, “I didn’t get a whole lot of questions about wearing masks. If they wanted to they knew that they could. Some of the coaches wore masks the entire time. It was pretty evident that it was an environment where you could be free to do what you want to as far as that.”

East football will have one more week of conditioning workouts next week, Monday through Thursday. West football, taking a two-week break from workouts until July 13.

New Cuero football head coach Jack Alvarez, telling me that they have their first positive COVID-19 test in their program. A person in their program was exposed to the virus, then tested positive. Coach Alvarez tells me that person is asymptomatic and has been in quarantine for eight days. Coach Alvarez adds that they are shutting down their practices early and will take off the next two weeks.