VISD Eleven Cent Tax Increase Passed

Update (8/23/2018): The proposed eleven cent tax increase for property owners in Victoria has now been passed by the VISD School Board.

This tax increase will be for one tax year, payable in 2019. The estimated revenue generated will be about $4.5 million. VISD reported expenses after Hurricane Harvey to total about $8.9 million.

The second VISD community forum took place Monday evening. Dozens of concerned community members made an appearance to make their voice heard.

“It’s just really important that we do our due diligence in that process, and we recognize that this takes time. Our frustration is been is that the claims aren’t moving through faster” says Superintendent Dr. Shepherd.

A point explained to concerned community members that attended the informational forum for the proposed thirteen cent tax increase.

“Really the hold up as much as anything else is we’ve worked arduously through this process for weeks and weeks and in some instances months, only to have the claim sent back to us to start again.” adds Dr. Shepherd.

People in attendance raised concerns about the insurance the district had, or if they were under-insured. The district firmly stated they were fully covered with adequate coverage.

“We’re fully insured and we’re confident on that, and we’ve reviewed our policies and we feel that we were fully insured”

However, some believe raising taxes will be too much of a burden on the community.

“Taxes like this always fall hardest on the working and middle class, and there’s no doubt that the taxpayers in Victoria don’t want their taxes raised at all” stated a concerned Victoria resident who attended the community forum.

As an example, the current tax rate for a residence value at $50,000 is $1.04. If the tax increase is approved that same residence value will then have a tax rate of $1.17- in the year that the tax is affected, the annual impact would be a total of $65.

“And this is not something that we ask lightly of our community- we know every penny means something to every individual in this district” says Dr. Shepherd.