VISD cuts Elementary Agriculture program

Visd agriculture program has decied to make changes to their AG farm, taking away the opportunity to a certain group of students.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with a parent and volunteer about this problem and tells us all about it.

Dave Garza is parent and volunteer for the 4h program says that visd took 3rd through 8th graders off the AG farm.
“A letter was sent out with a little bit of shock from some of the parents because there was no solution given,” tells Dave Garza, Parent. This really affected his step son who shows animals throughout Texas. “My stepson shows, we show all over the state of Texas. We go to Houston shows, San Antonio shows and its amazing to see these kids and youth all over the state of Texas and how involved they are,” adds Garza. The reason, Visd says was to focus on the older students.
For Garza and other parents and other parents that answer wasn’t enough and they decided to take action by putting a plan together to help these students out that have a passion for agurcluture.
“So parents and myself got together and ventured out and started asking land owners for a facility that we can use, utilize or build,” adds Garza. Parents hard work payed off by finally finding a land owner that would help students dreams come true.
“We found a land owner that donated between an acre and 5 acres for us to have an ag facility built,” explains Garza. Victoria County 4H is asking anyone who would like to help with to reach out.
“We are asking the public if anyone wants to show interest in helping with this project, our goal is to start with one ag farm on the south part of the county,” exclaims Garza. “And eventually if any kids live or reside in the north part of the county or city we want to eventually build 2 facilites out there.”
This ruling of Visd taking 3rd through 8th graders out of the Ag farm, would have affected past winners like junior Kierra Garcia who has been showing animals since the 3rd grade. But Garza says he loves to give back and teaching students the art of raising these show animals.
“It feels good to give back to them, so they can see what it takes from the start to the finish,” declares Garza And getting there and developing that show pig, the lamb, the goat and the steer. The 4H program has big plans for the future.
“Also give the opportunity if we have any other programs out there with special needs or anything like that, they can come out here and work with the kids that are raising 4h and ffa animals as well. In the offical letter from Visd says “upon revisting the purpose and expectations of our visd agriculutre science lab booster club, it has been determined that our highschool ag students can be best served through campus organzations directed by Visd.”