VISD continues to form ‘back to school’ proposals with new TEA guidelines

VICTORIA, Texas- As the Texas Education Agency rolls out updates and guidelines, school districts across the state are working to welcome students back into the classroom. The Victoria-ISD is revisiting all proposals as the first day of school approaches.

“Its a plan that is very open to change, and we know [it] will change,” says Shawna Currie, Director of Communications for the Victoria Independent School District. 

This is the approach of school districts across the state, a fluid-like situation has districts revisiting plans and guidelines. 

Victoria ISD, who initially planned for a hybrid semester is reevaluating after updated TEA guidelines were released earlier in the week.

VISD proposed a rotating-like schedule where students would spend time both at home for remote study time and in class instruction. However, recent guidelines state parents must have the option of sending their student to school for in person instruction time for at least 5 consecutive school days.

“Students are able to attend 5 days a week if the parents chooses to, so the initial hybrid plan, based on that guidance really is not an option at this point,” explains Currie.  

Governor Greg Abbott announced an extension for districts to stay online, initially only for three weeks. However, now that time will be more flexible. VISD has yet to change their August 12th start date. 

“Currently we do not have plans to do that (delay start date), but it’s not off the table as far as looking at that as a possibility.”

VISD educators have raised questions for the district, mostly  concerns about what protocols will be in place for everyone’s safety.

“Our teachers are one of our precious resources, we’re using their input too as we put together plans and policies and determine what the school year is going to look like,” says Currie.

All updates of what is referred to as a ‘living document draft’ is available on for viewing.