VISD Boys Powerlifters Head To Regionals

Warriors, Titans Sending Two Apiece

East Powerlifting 3 14

VISD boys powerlifters, with their sights set on regionals Saturday.

The Warriors, led by our Athlete Of The Week Thursday night at 6:00. Noah Martinez is ranked number two in the state. Jace Vasquez at 181 pounds, qualifying for regionals for the first time. The senior has season highs of 545 pounds in the deadlift, 540 in the squat, 315 in the bench. Our Sean Coffey asked Vasquez how excited he is to be going to regionals.

“It means a lot. Never really done that in any sport, so it’ll be fun to go compete at regionals.”

Two East boys, competing in regional powerlifting Saturday. Cristian Orona, a sophomore in the 114 pound class, is a first time regional qualifyer. He has a best deadlift of 405 pounds, 970 is his best total. Jeremiah Zelaya, in the 132 pound weight, up from 123 last year. The senior, a three-time regional qualifyer, has hit 505 pounds in squat and has a best total of 1280. Sean asked them the keys for them to make regionals.

Said Orona, “Everybody behind my back, pushing me to continue, and go forward, work as hard as I do now.”

Said Zelaya, “I worked a lot of triceps over the summer, so. Practice shows, but it’s what you do in the meet. I improved in every lift essentially, but mainly bench.”

VISD boys powerlifters compete at regionals Saturday at Weslaco East high school.