VISD Bond Planning Task Force reviews district’s financial history

VICTORIA, Texas – The Victoria ISD Bond Planning Task Force met Tuesday night to continue the prioritization of renovation and rebuilding facility needs.

The meeting began with a look back at Victoria I.S.D.’s financial spending history. 

“Again what I want to make sure we reiterate here, and what I would ask the task force to help us in communicating, is that when we hear that the school district doesn’t spend its resources to address its facilities, it’s just wholly inaccurate,” said Greg Bonewald, Victoria I.S.D. Deputy Superintendent of Operations.

Additional repair needs recently identified shifted the total projected expenses for campuses.

“The numbers are developed from real projects that got bid in your area,” said Mike Vermeeran, planning director for the architecture firm contracted by the district for this bond task force. “When we do our projects, it’s not just our projects, it’s projects that we’ve bid across the state. But when we are doing projects like this, when we’re in the design phase, we have close conversations with contractors if they happen to be involved during the design process, so we have those relationships with contractors that help us get that accurate information.”

School district administrators shared a ThoughtExchange link and opened it up to all community members for feedback regarding a potential facility bond.

The task force split into small groups and then regrouped and shared summaries.

One group came to a consensus on focusing on rebuilding campuses on the south side over northside schools.

Victoria County residents can go here to contribute to the conversation. 

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