VISD board to hold a workshop tonight

The workshop is to decide what will be on November's ballot

VICTORIA, Texas – Tonight, the VISD board will decide what the ballot will look like in November.

After several community meetings and a recommendation from the bond planning task force, the board will decide on a menu-style ballot with each proposal listed individually to give voters the option to choose one proposal but not another.

One community member says this ballot is important to ensure a safe school environment for students.

“As someone who has office buildings and one with school with Headstart, you understand how important it is for kids to have a safe environment. To not have leaks coming into the room, not have electrical issues, not having the best safety situations, having outdoor bathrooms. You gotta fix, you gotta repair, you gotta replace,” says Bill Wendlandt, Property Developer.

The options the school board will decide on are:

  •  A three-cent Voter-Approved Tax Rate (VATRE) for a salary increase for all VISD employees.

The bond portion includes:

  • District-wide repairs such as A/C and plumping
  • A complete rebuild of Stroman Middle School
  • A complete rebuild of Mission Valley Elementary.
  • (All of these options will be listed separately if chosen to be on the ballot)

The board will not take a vote tonight, just choosing what will be on the ballot. On August 13th, the board will meet again to vote Yes or No on the ballot. If the board votes yes, they will call an election.  (The ballot cannot be changed from tonight, August 5th to August 13th)