VISD Board of Trustees approve largest average pay raise

Victoria ISD held a specially called meeting Thursday evening.

Board members approved salary increases under House Bill 3 requirements which was passed in early June.

The final 7 to 0 vote sealed a 6.2% average increase for teachers and supporting staff.

Other positions such as administrative, and nutrition will see a 5% increase.

Pay raises will be reflected per TEA implementations which has a priority of higher compensation for educators with more than 5 years of experience.

These new numbers will go into effect as soon as the school year begins.

Victoria ISD Superintendent Dr. Quintin Shepherd says,

” One of our primary goals is to improve those salaries for folks, because for us a critical factor is recruiting and retaining the highest quality talent when it comes to the teachers and support staff that we have for our kids… because obviously they’re our most important assets, our teachers and our staff. ”

Although the dollar reflection of this raise is still not concrete, board members estimate it to be anywhere from a $1,500 to $5,000 raise, making it the highest pay raise the district has ever seen.