VISD address government shutdown affecting food programs

Victoria Independent School District wants to reassure families that student’s on the free and reduced meal program will continue to receive meals despite the government shutdown.

Communication Director Shawna Currie explained the program is funded through mid-April. In the event the government shutdown goes past April, the district will continue to serve free and reduced meals to these students despite the potential lack of funding. Currie adds the district may be forced to reduce meal options.

“So, any students who are currently on free or reduced lunch or, any students between now and the end of the year who end up qualifying, they may not be on it now but qualify for some reason, between now and that point they’ll all still be provided free and reduced lunch through the district. We’re not going to penalize our families or our students in any way.”

All funding for the food program will be reimbursed to the district once the government shutdown ends.