Violating a burn ban could result in severe consequences

Continued rain free, windy, and low humidity days keep the threat for fires going out of control a real possibility.



Dewitt County, Texas – Burn bans are up for most counties in the Crossroads. We know what a burn ban is, but what happens if you violate a burn ban? As it turns out, it could be very serious.

“Violating the burn ban in a county that has issued a judges order not to burn, and violates the conditions of that, can face a class c up to a class b misdemeanor depending upon the severity,” said Dewitt county sheriff Carl Bowen.

Those more severe cases would include causing damage to someone else’s property, and or causing injury or death.  In Victoria county, fire marshal Richard Castillo says fines for violating the burn ban begin around $600, and can go up based on severity.

Best advice, wait until conditions improve before you even think about outdoor burning.

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