Victoria’s Salvation Army sheltering more men than women, report says

VICTORIA- For Rudy Adames, the Salvation Army is the place to be.

“If you listen, if you do everything you are suppose to do God will take care of it,” Adames said.

At the Salvation Army Rudy is guaranteed a bed, meal and even a good read.

“At this point in time for the Salvation Army it is only men,” said Capt. Laura Martin with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army in Victoria houses 31 beds for homeless men who need somewhere to stay.

“They’re coming straight out jail or they lost their job and most women with children can find a place,” said Martin.

In a 2016 report, the Salvation army sheltered a total of 445 men and two women,

“I don’t like them being stranded and stuff like that,” said Britney, who regularly eats at the Salvation Army. “If it was me I would go to a shelter too, myself.”

Since the local shelter only houses men, women aren’t typically allowed to stay. However, the Salvation Army the report indicated women were helped in other areas such as social service, seasonal events and community care. Last summer, the local shelter did accommodate two women unexpectedly.

“We just felt like we could not let them live on the streets any longer with an extreme medical condition,” said Martin. “Once the medical condition cleared up they were put into another facility.”

Both women were given beds place out in the hallway away from males tenants.

Martin says she hopes their location can shelter women and children in the future when funds become available.

“We just recently come to the knowledge that their is more homeless women and children than what you might expect.”

For now she says there is a higher need for men housing in the area.

“You know it would be nice if they had a women’s shelter, you know, yeah there is a lot of women who do need help,” said Adames.

The Salvation Army accepts monetary donations at their locations at 1302 N Louis St in Victoria.