Victoria’s hazmat route was never enforced now it may be repealed

The City of Victoria has a hazmat route ordinance but it hasn’t been enforced since it was adopted in 1982. The route was originally on Highway 77 and Business 59 through Victoria, but since the day the ordinance was put into law the City of Victoria has grown. The reason the code wasn’t enforced since the eighties is because the city never put up signs to indicate the route. The city doesn’t want a designated route through the heart of Victoria and would rather have the hazmat trucks on the loop. It would cost the city $300,000 just for the proper signs and even more to have the process completed. There is no federal law requiring a city of Victoria’s size to have a hazmat route. Cities of 850,000 or more do have to have a designated hazmat route. The full repeal of this ordinance could come if the city approves it during the second and third reading at upcoming council meetings.