Victorian will be celebrated Friday for 15 years of giving back to the community

Gary Worsham has spent the past 15 years giving back to community. He has played a key role in helping to raise funds to rebuild the Devereux garden.

Following hurricane Harvey the Devereux garden was destroyed, Worsham took time out to help raise funds to re-build the garden. He also brought new ideas to help improve several buildings at the Devereux Behavioral Health facilities. Now, he’s being honored at the Devereux gala.

“I’m really pleased and honored that Devereaux is doing this for me and recognizing my service. I appreciate that,” said honoree Gary Worsham. “It’s something I’ve done willingly and enjoyed doing but it is nice to be included in their gala on Friday.”

Worsham was introduced to Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health through a friend who wanted him to spend time volunteering. Since then he has volunteered his time and services for over 15 years. He has spent those years pouring back into the lives of children and adults at Devereux.

“It’s very rewarding to be out here and see improving the lives of children and adults that need help,” Worsham continues.

The Devereux Behavioral Center is a residential community for behavioral issues and disabled individuals. Some live on campus and have jobs while others live within the community. A percentage of people will transition out into the world and Worsham has raised funds to help this process.

“Gary is a man that’s been instrumental in raising a great deal of public awareness and money for Devereux which is a valuable individual for us and that’s where he steps in and shine, said Tim Hoover, Greenhouse Keper at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.

“In his heart is what makes gives him the strength to do this volunteer work to be very active in fundraising, volunteering and whatever we asked him to do he’s here for us,” said Richard Perkins, Campus Administrator at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.

Worsham helped raise funds to transform an old Devereux ranch into the Devereux community development center.