Victorian native travels to Ukraine, housing remains scarce

Women's conference in Ukraine

VICTORIA, Texas – After watching and hearing all the news about Ukranian refugees fleeing the country, Bill Pozzi traveled to Czestochowie, Poland with a missionary group to attend a women’s conference. When Pozzi arrived he noticed there were many women, children, and old men staying in refugee camps. People staying in these camps learned more about the social services available in Poland until the war ends. Missionary groups with Shoreline Church in Austin and Faith Family Church in Victoria traveled together.

Pozzi says he was there for six days. He had the opportunity to visit two refugee centers where he saw many women and children who fled Ukraine. Pozzi said a fellow friend inspired him to go sooner than later, asking him to assess the situation in Ukraine. While in Poland, he observed there was high demand for housing and travel there. So much that he had the last rental car available and one family he spoke with couldn’t even find housing. This family could only find shelter at the refugee camp where missionaries were helping from Shoreline Church. The church would prepare two meals for each refugee and they could take clothing from donations received.

One refugee who spoke English, told him how the church was processing refugees and helping out their families. Pozzi spoke to refugees and said some of the stories are emotional or tug at your heart because of fortitude and stamina of refugees.

“I mean what can you say to people like that? Driven out of their houses with nothing. Literally, just with the clothing they have on their backs and a small suitcase they can carry and roll along. That’s all they got,” said Pozzi.

He also noticed one camp had at least 50 mattresses on the floor, so the refugees had a place to sleep. Some who needed to find housing were sent to Italy, Germany, or France.