Victoria Woman Concerned about Speeding in School Zones

“Slow down through here because sometimes the kids are playing and you just never know,” Victoria resident, Mary Jane Suarez said.

Mary Jane Suarez is lives in the school zone near F.W. Gross Elementary and shes beginning to worry for the children and community is safety.

“They just will not slow down they slow down when the cops are out here and then when that cops leaves they are back to the speeding and this is a school zone they should not be doing that,” Suarez said.

Three of her cats have been hit by speeding drivers. She says this has been an issue for two years.

“To just please slow down because whats next? The kids? The kids are walking through here. pray to god not that they don’t get hurt,” Suarez said.

Victoria Police Department shares how they protocol all school zones.

“We’ll get officers on their bikes and have them run radar that way. So our traffic safety officers will go out there take a look at show some presence do some enforcement and that will also be a reminder to people and get them to abide the law so they can slow down in the school zone,” Victoria Police Department Lieutenant Eline Moya said.