Victoria West football to have a later start to their season

Due to COVID-19, West football start date is pushed back

VICTORIA,Texas–The players got to go through boot camp back in February leading up to spring break. Warriors football head coach, Courtney Boyce said coaches and  players have connected through their body weight workouts and character development that occurred at the end of the school year which was virtual.

“I think they’ve just shown a great deal of resiliency. And I think they are eager. I think they’re willing to do what is needed. They are following the guidelines that is stressed by the coaches and I think that’s been very important,” said Boyce.

They return for practice on September 14. With the UIL pushing start dates back this makes their first game a district game.

“That’s going to be a big challenge I think that you got to do your very best. We’re going to be as good as we can and ready to play when we’re allowed,” continued Boyce.

As of now, West Football will play their first game of the season on October second at Flour Bluff.