Victoria Veterans Day parade

Celebrations to honor veterans began early Monday morning, downtown Victoria closed for the annual Veterans Day parade.

Multiple moments of silence, crowds saluting the American flag, and a soft rendition of taps were the somber reminders of what is honored this Veterans Day.

“This day is important, ceremony is important, honoring our veterans and the service that they have given our country is extremely important.” said Representative Michael Cloud who was a guest speaker for the parade closing ceremony.

Multiple organizations throughout the crossroads lined up to be a part of the parade. The CWV post of Victoria honoring long time member, Lieutenant Richard Arellano who was grateful to his own community. He said, “I believe my fellow veterans will concur that the civilian citizens of Victoria and the nearby communities deserve a resigning thank you from all those who have worn our nation’s military uniforms.”

Veterans from every branch of the military filled Deleon plaza, all sharing a common struggle and remembering the days of war.

“We were facing the same hardships as the guys facing nowadays, yes the war is a little different but it’s still war. For all the veterans in general, [I] hope they have long happy lives.” says Air Force veteran Leslie Weaver who has attended the parade every year.

The parade ended with an invitation for veterans and family to attend a luncheon hosted by the VFW post.