Victoria updates building code to meet international standards

Adoption of code protects building insurance rates within city limits
Victoria updates building code

Victoria updates building code – New homes are under construction Aug. 6 on Silver Spur in the Terra Vista subdivision.

VICTORIA, Texas – The City of Victoria updates building code to meet international standards. The City will maintain its International Organization for Standardization rating. This is used by insurance companies to set rates within city limits. The City adopted the International Code Council’s 2021 building codes at the Aug. 3 City Council meeting.

Every six years, the City adopts the most recent set of ICC codes. Usually, this process takes place in December. After an ISO audit determined that the City needed to update its code to preserve its rating, City officials decided to adopt new codes sooner.

The ISO building codes are rated on a scale of 1 t0 10, with 1 being the best possible score. The City of Victoria has a rating of 2 for its commercial building codes and 3 for residential codes.

City of Victoria Development Services staff reviewed the ICC code as part of the code adoption process. Following the review, they recommended amendments to align the international code with state building standards and Texas’ hot, humid climate.

The City’s Board of Adjustments and Appeals hosted a series of workshops. During these workshops, board members discussed the new code with local contractors and educated them about upcoming changes.

For the first time since 1992, the City is preparing to completely update its development ordinances. It plans to hire a consultant this fall to update the existing subdivision development ordinance. Additionally, the City will create a new unified development ordinance. This project is estimated to take approximately two years to finish.

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