Victoria tow companies pay for fellow wrecker service owner’s funeral

Several local tow companies came together to pay for Pete McClaughertly's funeral, an Army Veteran who owned his own wrecking service in Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas – Pete McClaughertly was an Army Veteran and owner of Cardinal Wrecking Services in Victoria eventually making his way to Level 23 Master Tower, so there wasn’t a type of tow truck or car that he couldn’t handle. Throughout the years he became embedded within the wrecking service community so when other local tow companies found out he had passed away they came together to cover the funeral expenses to ease any financial stress on Pete’s family. Jimmy Bailey is the owner of affordable towing and has known Pete for 40 years and says that Pete was well known in the wrecking service business.

“I think pretty much everyone in the towing business knew Pete, and we all got along with him really good. Never treated anybody bad,” says Bailey.

Kevin McElveen is the owner of Victoria-based company K&M towing and wanted to pay for Pete’s funeral. After reaching out to other local tow companies like Bailey’s and Affordable Towing they were able to cover 90% of the funeral cost as well as organize the 21-gun salute. McElveen says that the towing community is a family like no other.

“The towing industry is real strong, a lot of us tow companies we try to help each other out and we do a lot to keep our community together because that’s just a family,” says McElveen.

Victoria tow companies came together to pay for Pete’s funeral

There will be a BBQ benefit to cover the remaining funeral costs held at the Catholic War Veterans building located at 1007 S. Main St. in Victoria. Plates will be $12 each and the event will be 11 am – 3 pm on Sunday, November 14. Call Kevin McElveen to make a donation or reserve a plate at 361-571-2610.

Pete leaves behind his wife, two sons, a daughter, and two grandchildren. The towing community says that Pete will be greatly missed.