Victoria teenager saves child from drowning

16-year-old Isaiah Longoria saved a child from drowning when he noticed the child go under water after screaming for help at Pebble Beach.

VICTORIA, Texas – 16-year-old Isaiah Longoria saved a child from drowning at Pebble Beach over the weekend.

The Victoria West sophomore was at Riverside Park’s Pebble Beach over the weekend along with his mom and dog just skipping stones. Pebble Beach is a popular swimming spot for residents and with warmer weather rolling in more people are starting to swim in the river. Isaiah had noticed two children playing and swimming in the river when one of them began to yell for help before going under.

“He said help three times by the third time he went under. And so I took off my hat and my shirt. I went under, I grabbed him, and when I pulled him up he started crying. He said, “thank you,” and then the dad I guess, went over here to go get the other little boy, a little farther from the tree. It was mainly just timing it because by the time those people with a canopy here so he kind of went past that. And I kind of just went in front of them,” says Longoria on how we saved the boy.

Longoria also says that if there are any changes he’d like to see to make Pebble Beach safer it’s that he hopes they put in a sign to watch your kids and to be mindful of the current. He also mentioned that the bank drops off and the water gets deep once you venture further out into the river.

Currently, there is just one sign which displays the hours and says “NO GLASS BOTTLES” and those who swim in the river do so at their own risk with no lifeguard on duty.

Longoria says he has no prior lifeguarding experience, he just did what felt like was the right thing to do.