Victoria teen activist sets new 2020 goal for community

Back in March, we reported of a fire that destroyed the playground at Boulevard Park in Victoria.

Devin Handy, a local teen, took this opportunity to bring his community together, now he plans to keep giving back.

Surrounded by orange tape, closed for several months, and only piles of plastic left behind, Boulevard Park playground was an upsetting sight for Handy, so he decided to do something about it.

“I really felt bad especially for that neighborhood that park was in. I would like to see kids more out and about instead of being cooped up inside, but now they’re not able to because something’s been destroyed,” said Handy.

After visiting what was left of the playground, Devin began a GoFundMe fundraiser, raising more than $700. This all went towards the city’s efforts to rebuild and that called for some recognition.

“[The] mayor of the city of Victoria, Texas do hereby officially declare Tuesday, May 21, 2019, to be Devin Handy Youth Activism Day in Victoria Texas,” read Victoria city attorney Thomas Gwosdz at a city council meeting where a proclamation was presented to Devin.

This inspired the teen to continue in his activism, now with a bigger ambition, a new year, a new goal some may say. When asked what was coming up in 2020 for him he answered, ” I wanted to do a little campaign, well I shouldn’t say little, it’s a campaign because my goal was to start with a ‘GoFundMe’ fundraiser and set it at one million [dollars], I want to start something to help not only kids, adults, teenagers, elders, to act on the community to not only help each other, but help the environment.”

Staring a Facebook group, and Instagram account, Devin hopes to capture as many people to reach his goal of making an even bigger impact on his community.

If you are interested in learning more about Devin’s project, visit his Facebook page group, or follow him on Instagram at @_devin_handy_.