Victoria Teacher Parades help keep spirits bright

VICTORIA, Texas – Social distancing is hard on everyone. A group of people that have been most affected by social distancing are students and teachers.

With V.I.S.D. letting students out for an extended spring break earlier this month, many teachers have had to struggle with the thought of not seeing their classes again this year. Online learning begins on March 30th, but in the meantime, teachers wanted to remind students that they are still there for them.

This is why many schools in the Crossroads area have started doing Teacher Parades, to give students some encouragement and let them know that even though they may not see each other again in person, they will always be rooting for their success.

“We’re so connected to them and our campus is kind of small, so we just wanted them to understand, and some of them do not understand why they’re not in school. So we just wanted them to know that we know its tough because we’re not in school, and even though we don’t see them we’re still thinking of them every day. We just wanted them to have that reassurance that we’re still here for you, we’re still thinking about you, and we’re still working hard for you. So we can get back quickly to learning and continue to grow,” said Ricci Hernandez, a first grade teacher at O’Connor Elementary.

Several schools have already done their parades, including Rowland Elementary and O’Connor Elementary, but many more are planning to do them soon.